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How do you receive your money?

After the documents get accepted, one of our team members will contact you right away to offer you different payment solutions from which you will choose the most convenient one to you. After the payment is done successfully your document will be uploaded and the process will be finalised. 

*The quality and the size of the document uploaded will affect the amount of money offered.


What type of documents do we accept?

We accept documents in pdf, doc and docx formats. 

Depending on the demand, quality and uniqueness of your documents, lecture notes, exercises, summaries, essays and other useful documents will generally be approved.

Photographs, scans and documents with poor resolution usually can’t be approved as these types of documents are difficult for our system (and other students) to read.

Work such as lecture slides, books, content which is readily available online and copyright issued documents will not be approved.


What happens to the documents we reject?

If the system determines that your document does not meet our criteria, you will be notified and the document will be deleted. We do not publish materials to our platform which have been deleted and do not meet our criteria.

What languages do we accept?

We accept documents in any language, so long as the language is relevant to your course/university


How can you make your documents anonymous?

You can opt to make your uploads anonymous by clicking “Anonymous” via the form you will be filling. By doing so, your name will not appear as the uploader of the material.

StuDi does not edit any materials and your documents will be published exactly as they were uploaded. If a document contains your name or any other personal information, either in the body or in the meta data, this information will be published and available to other users.

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